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What's New?

The Prema Group continually strive to understand “best of breed” solutions Globally. We have positioned our company to speak and visit international conferences. Our most recent seminar addresses have included “the need for a formalized framework to manage a multi-supplier environment”. The subject of Business & IT Service Continuity has become a hot topic again due to terrorist activity.

The Prema Group are delighted to announce our new portfolio of consultancy for “Service Continuity”. We have expanded our corporate approach to Service Continuity to ensure a company can provide a formalized “wrapper” around this vital area. The business areas we have expanded include:

The Service Continuity; A formal practice covering:

  • Governance Standards – Framework for Trials, Audits, Health Assessments
  • Personal Development & Education – Training, Seminars, Walk-in-sessions, Trials walkthrough
  • Security – Standards, Conformity Audits, Facilities, IT Security, IT Continuity
  • Risks – Corporate, Commercial, Legal, Analysis, Internal questionnaires, Recommendations
  • Disaster Recovery – Formalised framework, Trials, Analysis, Operational Recommendations, Executive Recommendations
  • Outsourced Management – Formalised Framework, Hosting, Managed Services, Facilities Management, Reporting legitimacy
  • Crisis Communications – Board communications, Corporate controls, Mechanism design, Accountability, Responsibilities, Finance, Litigation control
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